Barista Classes

Held at our Training School, 198 Featherston Street, Palmerston North


1.     “Have flash machine, How do I get the best from it?!!”

The small, non-plumbed in home or office machine, could be semi-automatic, might have a built in grinder, may or may not have the E61 group head.  Plan is to understand cleaning of your machine, get drinkable, consistent shots in the cup and perfect your milk frothing.
You'll need to bring your tamper, grinder - if you have one, a favourite jug ... we supply the rest.

Class sizes are no more than 4 individuals, usually 2 or 3. 

1 ½ hours of coffee knowledge and you can have abit of fun talking “coffee”.  $75/person or $120 for 2 people on one machine.   

2.     “No machine, No experience, Just Entertainment”

This is for those who have always wondered what it would be like to use a commercial machine.  You and a friend or whanau can “have a play” on one of our 2 group, high group EXPOBAR espresso machines.  By the end you will be able to sit at our table and proudly drink your own beverages.  $150 for this class of 1 ½ hours of fun, maximum of 3 people.  

3.     "I’m serious, I’m keen and I have a commercial machine at the ready”

This is a one on one, 3 stage course for the individual who wishes to enter or already has a job in the barista industry.  It is common knowledge that a great barista takes very good care of the cleaning and maintenance of their main tools of trade – the espresso machine and grinder.  Most people can make a good coffee but to consistently pump out coffee after coffee for hours at a time will sort the good from the great baristas.  In addition to the knowledge gained on this course you receive a barista guide to help with trouble shooting issues that may occur.  Coffee beans and certificate to take with you.  3 hours @ $200.


Some of our classes are dependent on numbers.  We try very hard to accommodate your wishes, however, there may be a waiting period for some classes.

We supply all necessary requirements for each of the classes.

You will go home with:

  • More coffee knowledge (most important!)
  • Free $10 bag of coffee - 380g
  • Barista certificate

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Barista classes

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